Centre Street House Plan

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Tim and I have taken on our first total house renovation. Our Centre Street House may be on the small side, but I've been working hard for weeks to develop a well designed floor plan that makes the best use of the space we are given. We removed a wall separating the living room and kitchen and removed an extra closet in the top bedroom. Otherwise the walls have remained in place. There isn't a ton of closet space, but there is ample room for extra storage pieces like a low dresser or a full wardrobe in the bottom bedroom. I have plans for a bathroom vanity with lots of drawers for bathroom linens and toiletries. In the kitchen, we will do a built-in floor to ceiling pantry.  

You may be wondering, where is the laundry area!? At the back of the carport is a shed with hook ups for a washer and dryer. We plan to renovate that little space as well and make it a clean cozy little wash room. 

And in case you were curious, here are a few shots of how the house looked when we took ownership. Yes, it came full of stuff. Though I won't lie, we did find a few treasures.